Creating a Med Kit

What’s in your med kit?

Having a well-equipped medical kit is essential for any adventure, whether its a weeks long expedition, backpacking trip, or hike. Having important tools and medications, and knowing when and how to use them, can literally be life saving.

When creating a med kit you want to keep in mind common injuries and everyday problems.

Utility and improvisation! Certain items have multiple uses (think duct tape – can be used for lacerations, making splints, stabilization, etc). When you’re without, get creative and improvise. Remember, it’s not stupid if it works.


·        Water purification
·        Antiemetic
·        Benadryl
·        Imodium
·        Pepto Bismol
·        Eyedrops
·        Cough drops
·        Cough/cold liquid gels/ tablets
·        Tylenol/ naproxen/ ibuprofen
·        Oral rehydration packets
·        Deet/ permethrin/ picaridin
·        Tourniquet
·        Alcohol swabs
·        Bandages/ gauze
·        Duct tape
·        SAM splint
·        Tweezers
·        Scissors/ trauma sheers/ multitool

This is a basic list, and although long, it can be condensed into a smaller carry for shorter trips or a larger bag for longer trips and depending on the difficulty of the trip and/or pre-existing conditions. All the listed items can be bought over the counter without a prescription or on amazon via the links above. Always talk to your physician prior to use and be aware of interactions.

When travelling to foreign countries make sure to check the CDC’s website for vaccine recommendations depending on where you’re going, and prophylaxis for malaria or travelers diarrhea prior to leaving. Always speak with your physician to make sure you have ample supply of medications taken on a daily basis such as blood pressure medication, diabetes medication, and psychiatric meds, and to make sure you’re up to date on vaccinations.

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